Sneak Peek: Classroom Chairs

Monday, September 9, 2013

All of you blog followers out there are getting a sneak peek today at ALC's newest (and coolest) seating option - pretty exciting, right?  Who else out there remembers these colorful elementary school chairs?  Well, they are now the perfect vintage addition to your child's next birthday party or your upcoming wedding as Mr/Mrs, Mr/Mr, Mrs/Mrs chairs (we even have adult size!).  For photographers out there, use these great chairs for all the children's portrait sessions you have scheduled this fall.  And for apparel stylists like me, these chairs would be a fantastic prop for a retro back-to-school photo shoot!  However you use them, my guess is that these chairs are going to be a popular item to rent.  So, keep your eyes peeled for their availability in the ALC inventory soon!  Stay tuned next week for another new item announcement and a "recipe" to go along with it!


Mad Love

Monday, January 14, 2013

We often tell our customers who are looking for a place to start to find one piece that they love and build off of that. 

We were reminded of our own advice when we came across this great set of screen printed napkins at a gallery night in Madison this past October. Jeff and I immediately loved the napkins and had to buy some kitchen towels in the same design for our own house. Local artist, Rosy Hawbaker, owner of ReCreative Crafts ( makes these along with oodles of other Madison and Wisconsin themed tshirts and baby onsies. One of my favorites is her "Made Locally" baby onesie (…makes me chuckle every time I see it. ;

What I was getting to is that we loved them so much we decided we wanted to design a wedding tablescape around them for the 2013 Wedding Planner and Guide Winter Bridal Show! The show was this past weekend and I thought I would share with you our thought process, the finished product and at the end of this post, some exciting news! 

Here are the napkins that started the idea: