New Item: Coral Pieces

Monday, September 16, 2013

These unique coral pieces are one of the newest items in our inventory and we couldn't be more excited about sharing them with all of you! They all vary in shape, have subtle shifts in color and drastically different textures. We decided to feature them on the blog this week to provide a couple of creative ways to use them in your next centerpiece. To see how we could get creative with the coral, we took to the shop and pulled in some of our other favorite products to create some very original (if we do say so ourselves) centerpieces.

Sneak Peek: Classroom Chairs

Monday, September 9, 2013

All of you blog followers out there are getting a sneak peek today at ALC's newest (and coolest) seating option - pretty exciting, right?  Who else out there remembers these colorful elementary school chairs?  Well, they are now the perfect vintage addition to your child's next birthday party or your upcoming wedding as Mr/Mrs, Mr/Mr, Mrs/Mrs chairs (we even have adult size!).  For photographers out there, use these great chairs for all the children's portrait sessions you have scheduled this fall.  And for apparel stylists like me, these chairs would be a fantastic prop for a retro back-to-school photo shoot!  However you use them, my guess is that these chairs are going to be a popular item to rent.  So, keep your eyes peeled for their availability in the ALC inventory soon!  Stay tuned next week for another new item announcement and a "recipe" to go along with it!


Featured Item: Wood Stumps

Monday, September 2, 2013

{photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty)

One of my favorite items in the A LA CRATE inventory is their rustic, multi-purpose wood stumps. At about 1.5 feet high and 1 foot in diameter, the obvious use is for a creative chair option at your next fall outdoor dinner party, or strewn around a backyard picnic with blankets and board games. But, there are actually a lot of other creative ways you can use the wood stumps that really struck my fancy.

PBJ Bar Recipe

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A La Crate Vintage Rentals PBJ Bar

Welcome to part two of our how to throw your own backyard party ... hipster style. Last time, I featured the recipe for the main tabletop, this time I will give you the "ingredients" for our PBJ bar. Everybody loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, so they are a no-brainer for a casual, fun party. Throw in some fruit, chips, and your favorite pickled veggies and you have a great little outdoor picnic. Food aside, the next (and best) part is creating a beautiful table as a backdrop. Fortunately, A LA CRATE has you covered.  

Hipster Party Tabletop Recipe

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy summer everyone! Here we are in the thick of July (almost August!) - just in time for you to throw a backyard party for your closest friends. There must be something to celebrate, right? Remember the post I did a couple of weeks back featuring our great backyard party idea?  Well, today I am going to provide an easy-to-follow recipe for our tabletop that you can use for your own party!


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