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Mood Board: Bridal Shower

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Bridal Shower Mood Board - ALC

We are big fans of mood boards (see here and here for more on this) at ALC, so when Sarah suggested we start a new blog feature using mood boards to showcase different party/event ideas, I couldn't have been more excited! Since we are in the midst of wedding season I decided to start with a bridal shower. When I started thinking of the ALC rentals that would be perfect for a bridal shower, I decided on decor that was simple, feminine, and pretty. Even though showers these days are often for both the bride and groom, I love the idea of the traditonal shower for the bride: a gathering of the women in her life to celebrate the milestone of marriage. My own bridal shower was a really lovely brunch that felt very intimate and girly, in the best possible way! This decor would be perfect for a brunch or an afternoon tea party.  I started with one of our 8-foot harvest tables and a simple centerpiece that includes one of our mis-matched gold mirrors (used as a tray) and a pastel vase filled with simple, delicate baby's breath set on top.  Personalize the centerpiece by placing childhood photos of the bride in our flower frogs and setting them on the tray along side the flowers. Set the table with our mis-matched china, silver flatware, and a pretty linen napkin. Then add a sweet, elegant touch to the table with these little "I do" coasters from J. Crew! For additional decor, fill our 2-tier wood pedestal with cupcakes, announce the party plans or menu on one of our chalkboards with custom writing, and fill our silver dough bowl with ice to chill the bride's favorite champagne.

DIY: Chandelier

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A La Crate Chandelier Rental

Remember our beautiful, moody wedding ceremony altar from last week? Well, here are the step-by-step instructions for putting together the chandelier. This is a such an easy (and inexpensive) lighting option for more than just an altar. Any party or event that needs some extra loveliness will be a great fit for this project! 


Recipe: Wedding Ceremony Altar

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A La Crate Ceremony Ingredients

Eeeek! We are so excited to share this post with you! After our last post featuring our Persian rugs, we were itching to put together a recipe to show you one of the rugs in action. We loved the idea of using it as a focal point for a wedding ceremony altar and knew that our rustic metal chandelier would be the perfect addition to this recipe. 

Recipe: Custom Signage

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Photo credit: The Salty Peanut Photography

With all the new inventory that we are introducing, we thought it was time for another recipe (see here and here for more)! It is always exciting when we can offer our customers a number of pieces that work together to create one unique concept. Since signage is an integral part of many events, this recipe is really versatile. Plus, with our variety of surfaces and custom writing, there are so many creative options available to getting the exact look that you want.  

DIY: Sugar Mold Centerpiece

Monday, October 14, 2013

We have such a cool DIY to share with you today! Our historical sugar molds are the star of this really simple do-it-yourself centerpiece. Personally, I didn't know what a sugar mold was until I did a little research while prepping for this post.  We figured you might be interested, so let's start with a little history lesson! Sugar molds were used begnning in medieval times through the 19th century to form cones of sugar from raw sugar cane syrup. The syrup was poured into the depressions in the wood block and once dry, it formed raw brown sugar cones. Up until the 1820's the sugar was chipped off of the cone and then manually sifted to get the desired fineness. Of course, as time went on, more advanced sugar processing methods were developed and the term "granulated sugar" became the norm. Brown sugar molds are still used for the traditional tequila making process, but for the most part, sugar molds are making a comeback in interiors and decor. Which leads us to ALC owner Sarah's very cool idea to use succulents, moss, and candles to create an elegant, unique centerpiece. Intrigued? Me too.