About ALC

Welcome to Á La Crate!

We are a vintage, reclaimed and custom rental warehouse stocked with large collections and one-of-a-kind props to complete your wedding, event, design project and photo shoot needs with personality and style. Our goal is to alleviate the legwork of finding and reselling vintage items for one-time use. We want to promote a culture of do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) creativity that appreciates the quality and value of the past, breaking the cycle of buy-use-waste. Together, Sarah and Jeff Mullins created A LA CRATE to share these collections with you.


Meet Sarah

Sarah grew up surrounded by art, textiles, fine craftsmanship, power tools and vintage items. An artist with a professional background in graphic design and a degree in fine arts, she has an uncanny knack for mixing and matching unexpected combinations of found items, and has the ability to make what she cannot find.


Meet Jeff

Jeff has a professional background in product design and environmental management. He has a deep appreciation for quality, character and history, paired with a broad respect for our natural surroundings. He has an eye for attending to the little things and is incredibly skilled at reviving the old while maintaining the soul. An organizing genius to boot.


Meet Courtney

Courtney's name should be Jill. She is the Jill of all trades. Courtney has an extensive background in textiles along with a painting degree to boot. She is the voice you will hear on the other end of the phone, email and the face you will often see at our front desk. We call her our office manager extraordinaire.

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